Meritec and its West Coast affiliate, Joy Signal Technology, are signal integrity leaders and preferred vertically integrated manufacturers of high-performance electrical and electronic interconnect embedded systems and connectors. Fifty years of innovation serving worldwide markets with cost-effective solutions specializing in ruggedized Mil/Aero, Telecom and Datacom, Medical, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Computer, Audio, Gaming, Security and Vending Products. Your one source for robust 2mm HM (VME) VPX®, ANSI VITA 76 Approved Hercules®, 38999, SFP+, QSFP, CP50, cPCI, Right Angle PCI, Right Angle PCI Express®, RapidIO®, Sockets, DIMM Sockets, FlatFlex Cabling, 4X & 12X InfiniBand®, and ZD Cabling – RoHS Compliant products available.

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Military, Aerospace, Marine Technology


Meritec supplies custom high-performance interconnect systems and custom military cables and connectors to 82 divisions of 27…

Datacommunications, Servers


If you need to move data point-to-point within existing systems, Meritec has the cable assemblies and connector solutions for you.



Overmolded Ribbon Cable Connector – Assemblies for Vibration Complex Overmolded I/O’s – Dsubs, DS3, Din and others…

Medical Equipment


In the medical industry, flat-Flex and 2mm cable assemblies are two of today’s most popular cables. Meritec’s FPD-1 Flat Flex…

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Our west coast affiliate, Joy Signal Technology has built a great reputation for their products, support…

Meritec Featured Product(s) NX+

Featured Product

Meritec’s SFF-8470 NX is the highest bandwidth system available using the SFF-8470 connector. The SFF-8470 cable plug with it…