Painesville, Ohio, March 29th, 2018 – Meritec began and finished updating their CNC capabilities for further vertical integration during the winter of 2017/18. Our previous in-house CNC department included 4 Fadal 3-axis machining centers that were programed with older CAD/CAM software. Production continued to surpass the output capabilities that the Fadal’s could provide. An improvement was needed in order to continue offering low lead times, and exceed our customers’ expectations.

It was decided to advance Meritec’s capabilities through the purchase of 3 Tormach PCNC machines w/automatic tool changers, provide advanced training for our CNC programmers and also update the programming software used amongst all of Meritec’s CNC milling centers. The software, Mastercam® 2018, is a top of the line toolpathing program that specializes in 3 axis milling, with the potential for toolpathing of 5 axis. With the software and machine upgrades, Meritec continues to be an industry leader in both quality and lead times. Most importantly, all of our machining takes place in-house at our headquarters in Painesville, Ohio, USA.

With a total of 7 CNC Mills, our production and research/development is more efficient than ever. Each part will begin in Solidworks® 2017 as a solid model, followed by a conversion to a toolpath in Mastercam® 2018, and finally, loaded and run in the CNC mills. This allows for high-quality production fixtures to be designed, built, and implemented in a fraction of the time. All of this takes place while production piece manufacturing still continues quickly, and on time.

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