HERCULES® 40 Gb/s Active Optical Module (A.O.M.)


  • Full 40Gb/s Media Converter for Hercules Size 17
  • 4 Tx – 4 Rx configuration full 40 GigE implementation
  • Protocol agnostic
  • Field replaceable – no ATR or fiber removal required
  • Interfaces to industry standard single bay MT in 38999 Size 11
  • –40°C to +85 °C operational range
  • Power supplied through Bulkhead Receptacle

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The Active Optical Module

Meritec, in collaboration with Reflex Photonics, developed a compact and rugged 40 Gbps E/O media convertor meeting ANSI/VITA 76 standard. The module provides a simple solution to upgrade the reach of high speed electrical signals by converting to optical. Error-free transmission at 40 Gbps I/O density over a 100 m was verified in harsh environmental conditions.

The electrical interface uses a size 17 circular shell, while the optical interface is a 12 fiber MT optical ferrule housed in a size 11 circular shell. The length of the media converter is only 7 cm.