52 Position Card Edge Connector
Meritec’s 52 position Card Edge Connector was designed for a unique application. The application required a connector that would allow the daughter card to be inserted from the top of the connector or from the side of the connector. The side angle entry requires a custom lead in feature on the daughter card. Typically only 50 contacts are used in this latter application. The end contacts on each row are usually not configured into the overall design of the PCB when side insertion of the PCB is required. This dual row card edge connector is available in both surface mount and thru hole mount.

52 Position CE Connector


52 Pos. CE connector
Dual Row; Side entry, Thru-Hole (THR)
Height: 15.5mm (.610”)
Pitch: 1.27mm (.050”)
Plating: 30µ Au over 50µ Min Ni
Solder Tail Length: 2.54mm (.100”)

52 Position CE Connector


52 Pos. CE connector
Dual Row; Side entry, Surface mount (SMT)
Height: 15.5mm (.610”)
Pitch: 1.27mm (.050”)
Plating: 30µ Au over 50µ Min Ni
Solder Tail Length: NA

Features & Benefits

  • Close pitch .50” centers minimize board space requirements
  • Designed to meet convection, IR or vapor phase reflow requirements
  • Through-hole and SMT contact tail configurations are available
  • 50 ohm impedance matched connector
  • Precision, high strength molded terminations provide reliability in critical applications
  • Designed for a variety of PC Board thickness
  • Custom designs are available from 10 to 100 positions


  • Current rating: .75 amp/contact (continuous)
  • Contact resistance: 7 milliohm (max)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: >1000 VAC (RMS) @ sea level
  • Insulation resistance: >5 x 1012 ohms @ 500 VDC
  • Contact material: Copper Alloy
  • Contact finish: Selectively plated contact surface consisting of 30 micro” gold (min) over 50 micro” nickel (min)Tails are gold flash over 50 micro” nickel (min)
  • Insertion force: 100 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Withdrawal force: 52 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Normal force: 150 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Dielectric material: liquid crystal polymer resin
  • Materials: UL 94V-0
  • Heat deflection temperature per ASTM D648: 235oC @ 264 PSI