brute 140

Developed for use as a rugged-test floor interconnect, the Compact Brute series connector allows for design flexibility with up to 140 pins on a 4×35 matrix. The pins can be configured as signals, grounds or power up to 1.7A. For lower performance applications a typical configuration could be 32 signals and 3 grounds on three rows for a total of 96 signals and 9 grounds. The remaining 35 pins could be power supply.

For a higher performance application each row can be configured in a sig/gnd/sig/gnd repeating pattern with 17 signals and 18 grounds per row or a connector total of 68 single-ended signals. Differential signals running on shielded-twisted pair or shielded-parallel pair are also possible with this connector.

All cable end connectors are female. There are board-mounted headers available in vertical male, right-angle male, vertical female and rightangle female configurations. The female board connectors are for boardto- board connection in conjunction with the male-board connectors.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, hard anodized aluminum shell with PTFE Mil-Spec coating
  • Contacts are protected by a LCP grid
  • Patented hermaphroditic contact for low insertion force and long life
  • Contacts are dual wipe for redundancy and high reliability
  • 140 positions available for signal, ground or power
  • Up to 2A per contact
  • Resilient LCP Quick Latch system for quick attach and removal
  • Two stainless steel alignment pins on board-mounted connections
  • Secured to PCB with two 4-40 screws
  • Available PCB-mounted connectors:
    Vertical Male, Vertical Female, Right-Angle Male, Right-Angle Female
  • Female board-mount connectors for board-to-board applications
  • Cable-end connector always female
  • Vertical Male Board footprint: 2.23″ [56.6] x 0.66″ [16.8]