Meritec 2mm HPM Cable Systems Meritec’s capabilities include development of Passive Equalization Circuits (PEC) for Customer specific applications for the HPM- 5, HPM-8, and Right Angle HPM-5. PEC can enhance the performance of 2mm cables to allow high data rates over longer distances. Additionally, it can compensate for losses in the printed circuit board to provide complete signal path equalization. Eye pattern charts (left) show the effectiveness of chip-to-chip equalization at 3.250 Gb/s including 3 meters of cable, 4 connectors, and 32 inches of Fr4 traces. PEC are developed for specific Customer specifications with associated NRE costs. (Green trace is the stimulus) UNEQUALIZED EQUALIZED Meritec’s Optional Passive Equalization Circuits (PEC) Meritec’s Shield Design offers a vast choice of connection configurations. Shields may be connected to any or all of the contact positions (A,B,C,D,E). The drain wires may be connected mechanically to the shield or through a lanced contact position, as shown in picture. Choose between gold plated or nickel-silver shields. EXAMPLE TWO ( OF SEVERAL ) CONTACT TO SHIELD CONNECTIONS GOLD PLATED NICKEL- SILVER E C A D B Shield Options Stackable housings, featuring molded alignment pins, can be joined together to form all standard stack configurations up to 25 wafers. Custom stacking beyond 25 wafers and optional “Keying spacers” are available. Assemblies are locked together using Meritec’s unique double row Polymer Locking Rails. Optional metal rails are available for multiple-shield connections. Stacking Features Cable Choices Meritec will supply the finished cable assembly to your exact specifications. We offer a wide choice of in-stock, affordable cables to meet Customer requirements. These include high performance twinax, shielded parallel conductors, and conventional coax in a variety of conductor gauges and wire construction. Color coded 24 and 26 AWG hookup cable is also available in mulitple colors for ease of traceability of second end termination. Meritec cable assemblies are a modular solution for high-performance backplane interconnect requirements. They are designed to mate and work reliably with standard 2mm connector shrouds. The interlocking stackable wafers match the popular IEC-61076-4-101 types A, B, and C housings, as well as the popular B22 shroud utilized for rP2/rP5 Compact PCI I/O applications. The shroud system is well suited for rugged applications due to its unique retention system. By affixing a spring-loaded thumb latch to the shroud and seating the unit, the cable assembly will lock tightly in place. This finished system securely retains the cable connector against the strain of a cable bundle. The self-latching action of the spring-loaded design is particularly convenient for hard-to-reach locations. Applications HPM series 2 mm advantage Page 3 MERITEC 888-MERITEC (888-637-4832) / (440)-354-3148 FAX: (440) 354-5692 www.meritec.com info@meritec.com Meritec 2- m HP l Systems (See page 10 for additional cable information.) 888 -MERITEC ( 637- 4832 ) HPM Series 2-mm Advantage High - Per formance Metric 3 www.meritec.com