Date:  Company Name:  Phone:  Address:  Street Program Name:  City, State Zip Code Purchasing Contact:  E-mail:  Purchasing E-mail Engineering Contact:  E-mail:  Engineering E-mail Product Description:  Initial Quantity:  Product Objective:  Build Type:  Explain Needs: (eg. size, configuration, markings/identification, material, reliability, etc.) Requirements of Product If exists, Customer P/N(s):   Revision Level(s):  P/N Revision If exists, Drawing Number(s):   Revision Level(s):  Drawing Number Revision Start Production Date(s):  Intended Use:  Specific Workmanship Standards: Specific Material Requirements:   REACH •  RoHS •  Conflict Minerals: •  Raw Material Declaration: •  Counterfeit Parts • Other (List):  First Piece Approval Required?   Date:    First Article Report Required?   Date:  Regulatory/ Statutory Requirements: Thank you for your interest in Meritec and our 2-mm HPM Cable assemblies. To better understand your application requirements, please provide as much information as possible. This information will assist in verification of product compliance. After review by engineering, a quote will be generated. Please provide complete contact information with the request. Pages 7– 10 will provide additional information to assist in the assembly definition. Please FAX (440)354-5692 or email to Meritec at info@meritec.com . From Flipbook, please click Download to select “Proposal-Request Form” pdf. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to enter info, add your name to file title when saving, and attach to e-mail. Request for Proposal 888 -MERITEC ( 637- 4832 ) HPM Series 2-mm Advantage High - Per formance Metric 7 www.meritec.com