(Painesville, Ohio – November 28, 2011)

Harmonic Inc. Looks to Meritec for Custom Connector Solution, unable to find a good, off-the-shelf, product to meet their placement constraints as well as their need for a high-density, high-speed board to board interconnect, Harmonic turned to Meritec for a solution.

“Meritec’s R & D group worked closely with Harmonic’s Engineering Team, providing them with multiple options, electrical and mechanical models and design modifications whenever other factors became a concern,” stated Jim Walch, Business Unit Manager at Meritec.

“They followed our project schedule and achieved every milestone set for them–always delivering on time. Drawings when needed for design and prototypes prior to first assembly. The final product is free of crosstalk or signal integrity issues and works flawlessly in our current application,” says Mike Lenihan, Staff Hardware Engineer at Harmonic,

“Working with Meritec was a pleasure and felt more like having an in-house custom connector group on the design team, rather than an outside vendor.”

To learn more about this 480 position board to board mezzanine connector please contact Jim Walch at