Meritec Awarded Patent


(Painesville, Ohio, April 1, 2010) Meritec has been awarded U. S. Patent No. 7,682,192 titled
“Electrical Receptacle and Circuit Board With Controlled Skew”, applicable to Meritec’s SFF-8473 Board Receptacle. The SFF-8473 Board Receptacle’s interface is based on Fujitsu’s MicroGigaCN® Interface chosen by both InfiniBand® and IEEE Ethernet CX-4® as Industry Standards. Meritec’s offering is available in 4 Channel and 12 Channel versions and complements their Infiniband (SFF-8470) NX+ Line of Cable Assembly Products featuring the 4X and 12X Interface and demonstrating bandwidth of 20 Gb/s and beyond.

Meritec is a vertically integrated manufacturer and global supplier of specialty connectors and high-end cable assemblies including leading edge performance InfiniBand/CX4 Ethernet (SFF-8470 & SFF-8473 cable assemblies and PCI Express right angle card edge board connectors. Meritec has been proudly manufacturing for more than 40 years in the U.S.A.

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