Minimum Purchase Information

Beginning January 1, 2014, Meritec will institute a change to its minimum dollar per purchase order policy. The policy change increases the minimum dollar value to $500.00 per purchase order accepted directly by Meritec. Customers may order multiple line items per purchase order. Each line item on the purchase order will have to meet the minimum standard package quantity. This minimum dollar amount ($500.00) per purchase order requirement will be inclusive for all standard and custom products. All of our customers, distributors and alike, will be required to adhere to this policy.

For customers unable to meet the $500.00 minimum purchase requirement, you will be directed to our distributors for order fulfillment. Our goal will be to make sure that standard product inventory is in place at our distributors to allow those customers the opportunity to buy less than the standard package quantity and receive product within 72 hours.

Credit Card transactions will be charged a 3-percent processing fee.

View a complete list of our distributors here.