2mm HPM Cable Assembly
NX Cable Assembly
NX Cable Assembly

The Meritec Cable Assemblies Division manufactures cable assemblies designed to meet the most demanding electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements. Achieving the most aggressive data rates and optimal signal integrity is the benchmark for this group. Meritec cable assemblies are engineered to use both off the shelf and custom components, as well as many specialized Meritec custom designs to produce the highest quality and highest performing interconnect cabling solutions in the marketplace.

As cabling performance requirements continue to change so does the need to excel in technological advances. Many of Meritec’s cabling products have been developed to drive products into the future. Cable assemblies such as the 4X/12X cable assemblies (InfiniBand cable assemblies and Ethernet-CX4 cable assemblies) were designed to exceed the early requirements of Single Data Rates going directly to Double Data Rate performance which has become the norm today. Continual product enhancement has led even further to achieving the Quad Data Rates of tomorrow. Forward thinking is the culture at Meritec. Other mature and long established Meritec products such as the 2mm cable assemblies, PCMCIA cable assemblies and CP50 (MXI2) cable assemblies have been continually reengineered to creatively extend their life by enhancing their electrical performance. Meritec’s existing cable assemblies have long since proven their ability to support the Telecommunications, Datacom, Computer Products, Military/Aerospace, and Medical industries.

Whether your interconnection application requires the highest speed and signal integrity cable assembly that will perform in an environmentally challenging location such as ruggedized Military cable requirement or you have an engineering interconnect dilemma that needs to be resolved to complete your project in a timely manner – Meritec offers both off the shelf products for immediate shipment or has the engineering excellence to work you through whatever interconnect problem you could possibly have. Meritec can provide what you need, when you need it, at an affordable price.