Meritec’s 50 and 70 (68+2 end grounds) position PCMCIA Interconnects provide I/O access to card frames.  Each system consists of an I/O card connector mated to a card frame and a ribbon cable assembly.  These interconnect systems can be made to fit various manufacturers’ frame configurations.



  • Current rating 0.75A at 10°C rise over ambient
  • Contact resistance 10 milliohms (max)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage 500 VRMS AC (min)
  • Insulation resistance 1×10 12 ohms (min)


  • Contact material Nickel Silver Alloy C 77000
  • Total withdrawal force 2.5 pounds (min)
  • Normal force 100 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Dielectric material liquid crystal polymer plastic
  • Total insertion force 7-10 lbs.
  • Contact finish 20 micro inches (min) Palladium/Nickel with Gold flash over 50 micro inches (min) Nickel in contact mating area; 75 micro inches (min) Tin/Lead over Nickel on contact tails


  • Materials UL rated 94 V-O
  • Temperature rating -55°C to +70°C

Features & Benefits

  • .025″ pitch spacing between contacts provides maximum edgeboard density
  • Contacts are insert molded using a patented process, which provides extreme pitch accuracy
  • Dual-beam fork contacts provide a reliable, redundant, two-contact connection with balanced forces
  • Withstands the 10,000 mate/unmate office environment PCMCIA specification (test report available upon request)
  • Liquid crystal polymer plastics provide extreme dimensional stability for reflow solder operations
  • Mass soldered connections provide cost effective terminations and excellent process control
  • Single row contact design with simple termination scheme
  • Available with or without EMI-RFI electrical shielding
  • Cable assemblies are overmolded, providing maximum strain relief using a cost effective, repeatable process