480 Position Hermi Mezz Connector
Hermaphroditic Connector

Cost Effective Connector Solutions

Meritec’s unique and proprietary manufacturing processes have allowed us to provide cost effective connector solutions to the electronics industry by delivering products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Meritec’s engineering group has been designing and developing card edge connectors (such as the hermaphroditic connectors), customized connectors (such as flex edge connectors), surface mount sockets and test connectors for over 40 years and is perceived in the connector industry as a leader in providing innovative solutions to customer’s specific interconnect problems.

Meritec’s ability to recognize connector problems that its customers are experiencing with industry standard offerings and then offer solutions to those problems has helped its many customers to achieve product designs previously unachievable. Meritec offers an extensive off the shelf variety of angled and right angle PCI connectors, PCI Express connectors, and AGP connectors all of which are examples of Meritec solutions to a one-time problem encountered by our customers. By combining our unique blend of engineering talents along with our manufacturing processing capabilities, we have designed and built custom interconnect products that are now considered standards in the industry. Meritec’s attention to detail and unique processing capabilities allows us to provide our customers with the best quality and the best performing connectors and interconnects in the marketplace today.

Specialty & Custom Connectors

Meritec has always been a leader in providing innovative solutions to a customer’s specific interconnection problems. By combining our unique blend of engineering talents along with our manufacturing processing capabilities, we have designed and built custom interconnect products that are now being designed in as standard products at a number of OEMs. Because we are a vertically integrated company, our time from design to fabrication to market is measured in weeks, not months. If you a have a problem with an interconnection requirement (cable or connectors) call us today. We want to help.

Meritec’s 4X Feed-Thru Connector assemblies support Intra-box and Intra-cabinet high speed I/O cabling applications. The 4X Feed-Thru assembly is ideal for passing signals through a bulkhead or panel with minimal signal loss while maintaining the robustness and shielding. Coupling multiple Meritec 4X cable assemblies is easily accomplished using this new product. Meritec offers a wide variety of cable egress options to compliment the 4X Feed-Thru connector. The 4X Feed-Thru connector is now available in latch and thumbscrew versions. 

Pictured is the 90 pin (2 rows of 45 contacts), 0.025” pitch system. A 0.032” version will be specifically designed for high voltage applications.  The DTC Connector System is a high density (0.025 inches), interconnect system designed for Cable to Flex or Cable to Board applications.

The System features guide posts for alignment and a keying feature to ensure that the connectors are mated correctly. The housings are made of LCP and the contacts are copper alloy. The contact design provides 80 – 100 grams of Normal Force. The contacts are plated with 30 microinches of gold and are rated for 250 mating cycles. The Board/Flex Connector is a straddle mount design that can be terminated to either a semi-rigid flex circuit or to a printed circuit board. It also features an insert molded design that has the contact tips buried to prevent stubbing. The cable end can accommodate 32 AWG twisted pair, micro gage coax, or twinax cables.

Applications include Electro-Optical Switching Equipment (Cable to Flex) and other high bandwidth telecom systems that require high density cable to board interconnects.

Meritec’s willingness to help solve problems and customize designs offered the perfect solution to a customer in need. This customer, a leader in the hand held measurement device field, had developed a new method for measuring glucose levels in the body. What was missing was a connector to make it all work.

Features & Benefits

  • Nickel silver contacts enable the connector to withstand 2000 cycles!
  • Two independent rows of contacts to read signals on both sides of the inserted circuit at 0.025″ pitch
  • SMT design allows the connector to be soldered along with the other components on the PCB
  • PCB retention pads provide strain relief for the solder tails
  • Low profile: 0.118″ above board

Meritec’s ROAD RUNNER Family of Products is Meritec’s innovative solution for a high speed, high density co-planar board-to-board interconnect. It is capable of over 1,000 single-ended signals per connector with a density of over 114 signals per linear inch. The Road Runner Modular Connector System includes Power Wafers (3 buses per wafer), Single Mode Wafers (9 signals per wafer) and Differential Mode Wafers (4 pairs per wafer) that can be arranged per our Customer’s specific requirements.

This Interconnection System supports modular add-on boxes for Central Office Switches, Access and Edge Devices, Datacom Routers and Enterprise Storage Subsystems.

These High-density High Pin-count Connectors are utilized within highest slot/blade count servers and storage expanded backplane systems. Co-planar test board applications using Road Runner are supported with single-ended and differential signaling modules along with power modules. Large system motherboards with co-planar “personality add-in cards” are using Road Runner modular I/O press-fit hermaphroditic connectors.

 Large scale mirrored fault-tolerant servers and electrical SONET Communications Failover Backplane Systems can be implemented with co-planar Road Runner “Bridge” Connectors. High-end Video servers with expanded backplanes using Road Runner Connectors support SMPTE 1.5 Gbs Serial Digital Interfaces as well as the HOTLINK-II™ Modular Interface. 

Features & Benefits

  • PCI, PCI-X value-added co-backplanes
  • HyperTransport value-added backplanes
  • Parallel Rapid IO value-added backplanes
  • Multiple ATM, IP, Frame Relay & SS7 Interfaces
  • Multiple H.110, Utopia Telphony Interfaces
  • Multiple T3, E3, DS3, DSL & ISDN Interfaces
  • StarFabric 2.488Gbs 4-pair Interfaces
  • Multiple LVDS 840Mbs Interfaces
  • Multiple 1.25Gbs Ethernet Interfaces
  • Multiple 1.0625Gbs FibreChannel Interfaces
  • Multiple Custom IO & DC Power Interfaces