480 Position Hermi Mezz Connector

480 Position Hermi Connector


Product: 480 Position Hermaphrodic Mezzanine Connector
Tail Length: .11

480 Position Hermi Connector

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Product: 480 Position Hermaphrodic Mezzanine Connector
Pitch:1.27mm (.050”)
Plating:15μin Au over 50μin Min Ni
Stack Height: 11.51mm (.453”)
Mated Stack Height:23mm (.905”)
Six Row, Thru-Hole (THR)
Tail Length: 2.79mm (.110”)

Features & Benefits

  • Hermaphroditic contacts eliminate the need for separate male and female connectors
  • Precision, high strength molded terminations provide reliability in critical applications
  • Low insertion force
  • 100 ohm impedance matched connector
  • Designed to meet convection, IR or vapor phase reflow requirements
  • RoHS Compliant product available
  • Locating posts for blind mate applications
  • Through-hole configuration
  • 23mm mated stacked height


  • Current rating: 3 amp/contact (continuous)
  • Contact resistance: 30 milliohm (max)
  • Insulation resistance: >5×10 ohms 500 VDC
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: >1000 VAC(RMS) at sea level
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  • Material: U.L. rated 94 V-O
  • Operating temp range: -40°C to 105°C
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  • Contact material: Copper alloy
  • Plating, mating end: Selectively plated contact surface consisting of 15μ Au (minimum), over 50μ Ni minimum. Tail end: Au flash over 50μ Ni minimum.
  • Insertion force: 18.5 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Withdrawal force: 14 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Normal force: 50 grams/contact (nominal)
  • Dielectric material: Liquid crystal polymer resin
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