4.5mm Vertical Push in Battery Connector

Part Number 910242

Product: 4.5mm Vertical Push-In Battery Connector

*Note: this product is a proprietary design which requires an LOA to purchase. Please contact Customer Service with any questions.

Features & Benefits

  • Typical application is for connecting a removable battery pack to a portable device
  • 4 Circuit 4.50mm pitch
  • Compression contact with through hole tails for easy assembly to PCB
  • Stable normal force provides a secure contact to battery
  • One piece design provides a low cost effective package
  • High number of mating cycles satisfies most demanding users
  • Small package for tight requirements



  • Maximum current 2.0 Amps
  • Maximum Voltage 15V DC


  • RoHS Compliant product available
  • Operating Temp: -25 degree C – +85 degree C



  • Durability cycles 5,000 cycles
  • Contacts – Nickel. 50 Micro- inch Gold min. undercoat overall gold flash .000004 min . 40 Micro-inch palladium-nickel min. in contact area. .000100 min. tin in solder tail area
  • Housing – High Temp Thermoplastic