Meritec LVDS compatible display cables are ideally suited for board-to-FPD interconnects where differential signals are utilized. Available in 14, 20 or 30 positions with Hirose DF-19, JAE FI-X or equivalent connectors using 1.0mm pitch laminated cable. These assemblies offer reliable terminations and a low profile for flexibility and reliability. Optional folding, flexing and shielding features makes it easy to design a cable that meets your requirements. For build to order specifications, please download the LVDS Compatible Display Cables datasheet for a complete build to order form.

Features & Benefits

  • Hirose DF-19 or equivilant connector
  • 1.0mm laminated cable
  • 14, 20 or 30 position female
  • JAE FI-X or equivilant connector
  • Reliable termination
  • Low profile
  • Suitable in notebook hinge areas
  • Consult factory for shielding, grounding & drain wire requirements
  • UL Recognized components
  • RoHS Compliant product available
Options Include:
  • Ferrites
  • Shielding
  • Length & fold options
  • ZIF (1.0mm) end
  • Transition boards for various pitch
  • Solder prep for direct attachment to the PCB


  • Hirose DF-19 Connector
  • JAE FI-X Connector
  • 0.9 AMPS


  • Material: U.L. flame rating 94V-1
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C to +105°C


  • Hirose DF-19 Connector
  • JAE FI-X Connector
  • Insulator: Polyester
  • Conductor: Flat solid 33 Awg equivalent
  • Plating: Tin Bismuth
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 0.020″
  • Length Tolerances: Over 12″ ± 0.25″ Under 12″ ± 0.10″
  • Length measured from end to end in inches, including connectors