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Click on the state that you are located it. A window will pop-up with the representatives that are available in your area.
  If your state does not have a representative this does not mean you can’t buy Meritec products.
Contact Meritec at 1-888-MERITEC (637-4832) or 1-440-354-2100

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Live somewhere else?

If you live somewhere other than the United States you can talk to a representative
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Nisko Technologies Ltd.

Address: 2A Habrazel St.
Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv 6971003 Israel
Phone: +972-3-7530720
Cell: +972-54-5550720
Fax: +972-3-7530701
Miki Klein

SteeRed Technology

Address: Siloweg 618 ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Country: Netherlands
Covering Area: Western, Central and Southern Europe
Phone: + 31 73 689 9969