The test reports listed below are a sample of the types of testing that Meritec performs to measure the overall performance of our products. We test electrical and mechanical parameters as well as the high speed characteristics of our products to assist our customers with their signal integrity requirements.

 Cable Assembly Topics

Equalization 2mm Hard Metric Cable Assemblies

HPM-5 Performance Testing

4X – 12X Data Rates & Loss VS Distance Report

4X – 12X Direct Attach Performance Report

4X – 12X DDR & QDR Performance Results

4X Latch Retention

Direct Attach 4X – 12X High Current Testing

4X Cables SAS-2 6Gbs Feasibility ReportHSSDC2 Cable Assemblies for InfiniBand™ & Fibre Channel Applications

Ribbon Micro-Gage Coax Assembly .025

CP50 1.5 Meter Differential Pair Cable Assembly

Micro-Cable to Board IO Cable Assemblies with MicroSpeed® Connectors

Connector Topics:

Plating Evaluation for Solderability: Test Report #207850A:

Qualification Testing: Test Report #96572

4X Feed-Thru Test Report

Comparison of Electrical Characteristics of Meritec’s Road Runner & Teradyne’s VHDM-RAM® Connectors

Qualification Testing of Meritec High Power Conformal Connector

Right Angle PCI Express™ Test Report

Single Line RLC Models of Meritec Right Angle PCI Connectors

Flat Flex Cabling Topics:

FFC Electrical Impedance Test