Joy Signal’s Z-Trace is a fully shielded interconnect system utilizing the latest technology and materials available. Exceptional performance and application-specific features for cable to board and cable to backplane interface set this system apart from all others. The Z-Trace Connector is a 1×2 socket configuration, and will interface with all industry standard .025″ square or round post pin grids and headers. The unique carrier configuration allows alternate ground/signal click-in of the terminations to provide the best cross talk characteristics in the industry.

Joy Signal’s Z-Trace System is designed to provide a cost effective, impedance matched solution. This easy-to-use system is ideal for the critical high speed applications demanded by the automatic test equipment and instrumentation markets. Let Joy Signal’s Z-Trace System solve your interconnect problems.



Product: Z-Trace .100″ Shielded Interconnect

Features & Benefits

  • Joy Signal’s Z-Trace termination does not require overmolding of the strain relief. This prevents crushing of the foam dielectrics, which can cause impedance spikes and unwanted reflections with fast risetimes.
  • Individual terminations are both side to side and end to end stackable on .100″ grid pin field and click-in to the carriers for easy configuration by the ATE manufacturer or the end user.
  • The Z-Trace System is designed for applications with signals from DC to over 3 GHz and rise times as low as 100 picoseconds.
  • Unique construction allows for flexible pin-out configurations.
  • High Performance Coax Cables are in inventory in order to meet the most critical applications.