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To our Valued Customers, Partners and Team Members:

Please be assured OAE/Meritec/Joy Signal Technology are carefully monitoring the coronavirus, COVID-19 situation so that we can help protect our Employee Team and our Community, while continuing to successfully execute our work to serve our Customers. We acknowledge that the potential impact of Coronavirus around the world is unpredictable, yet we remain committed to managing our production and delivery timelines in a proactive and comprehensive manner.

Should we experience any production or delivery delays related to Covid-19, we will notify you immediately if we see the potential for a delay impacting your projects. We remain vigilant and are committed to assessing the guidance of local, state, and federal government, CDC, public health authorities, and medical experts to maintain a safe environment and workplace for our Associates.

Wishing you health and safety during this challenging time.

Thank you for your understanding if unforeseen delays in our supply chain preempt delivery of both custom and standard products. We look forward to a return to normalcy as firms reopen. Team Meritec is working round the clock to serve our Customer base.

Qnnect is a leading global producer of highly engineered electronic interconnect solutions for high-density and high-speed applications of leading original equipment manufacturers. Qnnect’s connector and interconnect businesses have over 100 years of combined experience as trusted partners in the Defense & Aerospace, Hi-Rel, Semiconductor, Test & Measurement, and Consumer Electronics markets. For more information, visit

Meritec is a signal integrity leader and preferred vertically-integrated manufacturer of high-performance electrical and electronic interconnect embedded systems and connectors. With nearly sixty years of innovation, Meritec serves worldwide markets with cost-effective solutions specializing in ruggedized Mil/Aero, Telecom and Datacom, Medical, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Computer, Audio, Gaming, Security and Vending products. Your single source for ANSI VITA 76 approved 2mm HPM, VPX®, and Hercules® 38999, High-Speed D-Subminiature and Micro-D connectors and assemblies; plus, RoHS Compliant CP50, Right Angle PCI, Right Angle PCI Express®, RapidIO®, Sockets, DIMM Sockets, FlatFlex Cabling, 4X & 12X InfiniBand®, and ZD Cabling.

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Military, Aerospace, Marine Technology


Meritec supplies custom high-performance interconnect systems and custom military cables and connectors to 82 divisions of 27…

Datacommunications, Servers


If you need to move data point-to-point within existing systems, Meritec has the cable assemblies and connector solutions for you.



Overmolded Ribbon Cable Connector – Assemblies for Vibration Complex Overmolded I/O’s – Dsubs, DS3, Din and others…

Medical Equipment


In the medical industry, flat-Flex and 2mm cable assemblies are two of today’s most popular cables. Meritec’s FPD-1 Flat Flex…

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Our Joy Signal products have a great reputation as high-quality solutions in the global semiconductor…

Meritec Featured Product(s) NX+

Featured Product

Meritec’s SFF-8470 NX is the highest bandwidth system available using the SFF-8470 connector. The SFF-8470 cable plug with it…